Our pharmacists are focused on helping patients achieve the highest quality of life through medication, counseling, education and adherence to the latest pharmacology standards.

Revolutionizing The Way You Think About Mail-Order Pharmacy and Drug Pricing

America’s Pharmacy Source is a new, revolutionary mail-order pharmacy with our national headquarters in a 30,000 sq ft. facility in Akron, Ohio. We are focused on helping the cash paying consumer, with a mission to provide affordable prescriptions and knowledge to under-served Americans. Our experienced team of customer service and pharmaceutical professionals provide the highest level of care when patients need it most coaching them on the best products and practices as well as educating them on therapeutically similar options when available.

Reducing Prescription Costs, One Patient At A Time.

The average consumer is being taken advantage of and is not aware there are options when it comes to their health. We are here to help, educate and advise wherever we can, America’s Pharmacy Source is committed to bringing you the most cost effective drugs in the industry.

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