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Did you know 1 out of three American adults are Pre-Diabetic? Diabetes is an epidemic in our nation with almost 20% of the population affected by it. Diabetic supplies and medications are typically costly and many patients not adherant with their prescribed medications. It’s very important to control your sugar levels and understand the risks involved when not doing so. Diabetes is a serious condition, so we have set out to help, educate and save you money.

Your America’s Pharmacy Source membership includes the Save On Diabetes program and is designed to ease the financial burdens facing diabetes patients.

Save On Diabetes is a revolutionary program offering you the lowest priced testing supplies in the country. With your membership, you will get a FREE meter, testing strips, lancing device, lancets, control solution, medications and other diabetic products.


SaveOn Diabetes is our game-changing program for members with Diabetes in which they will get a FREE meter, low cost testing strips, lancets and more. Many people have diabetes and one in three Americans are pre-diabetic, make sure you are keeping an eye on the warning signs.


The Program Includes

  • A FREE Premium bilingual voice-response glucometer
  • 3-month supply of test strips*
  • Supply of lancets, lancing device, and control solution
  • Auto re-fill every three months
  • $0 out-of-pocket on diabetes medications (below)
  • FREE shipping to your mailbox

Test Strip Pricing
*If your physician prescribes you to test your blood sugars daily, SaveOn Diabetes provides your test strips at the following low costs:

  • Testing 1x / Day –
    90 Day Supply = $10
  • Testing 2x / Day –
    90 Day Supply = $15
  • Testing 3x / Day –
    90 Day Supply = $21
  • Testing 4x / Day –
    90 Day Supply = $28

Lancets / Device

  • (100) Lancets
  • Lancing Device

Free, Trackable Delivery, Right To Your Mailbox

If you or your dependents are diagnosed with diabetes, with a prescription from your doctor, you can save significant dollars on testing supplies and medications with our Save On Diabetes Program. All supplies are mailed directly to your home via USPS for safe trackable shipments.


Our Medications Are Sourced In The U.S.A.

At America’s Pharmacy Source, we make sure our medications are produced under the highest quality standards and are sourced in the United States of America to ensure our members have genuine high-quality drugs. It is not uncommon to find companies getting their drugs from overseas where there are no set standards and no way to know if the medications are even produced to specifications. We make sure our domestic products are tested and approved by the FDA.

The America’s Pharmacy Source Offering

We are on a mission to change the Pharmacy Industry. We offer fair and honest pricing that is the lowest available, creating significant savings each month. We have four specialties that we focus on to save you the most money.

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