Over-The-Counter Medications: Lower Prices Than Pharmacies and Big Box Stores

Through our relationships and buying power, we can supply you with over-the-counter medications like Allegra, ibuprofen, Tylenol and others a a fraction of the cost. Save money on the medications you use everyday and have delivered right to your door!



“The prices are great and its the stuff I usually buy. The ibuprofen is like 50% cheaper than at the store, awesome!”

Over-The-Counter drug formulary

Acetaminophen 325mg tablets (Tylenol)
(100 Count) $3.99

Acetaminophen Extra Strength 500mg caplets (Tylenol Extra Strength)
(100 Count) $3.99

Acetaminophen/Diphenhydramine (PM) 500/25mg caplets (Tylenol PM)
(50 Count) $3.99

Aspirin Chewable 81mg tablets (St Joseph’s Children)
(36 Count) $1.99

Calcium + Vitamin D 600mg/200IU tablets (Caltrate + Vitamin D)
(60 Count) $4.99

Calcium 600mg tablets (Caltrate)
(100 Count) $3.99

Certirizine 10mg tablets (Zyrtec)
(100 Count) $9.99

Diphenhydramine HCl 25mg capsules (Benedryl)
(100 Count) $5.99

Docusate Sodium 100mg gelcaps (Colace)
(100 Count) $4.99

EC Aspirin 325mg tablets (Ecotrin)
(100 Count) $1.99

EC Aspirin 81mg tablets (Ecotrin)
(120 Count) $4.99

Ferrous Sulfate 325mg (Red) tablets (Iron)
(100 Count) $4.99

Fexofenadine 180mg tablets (Allegra)
(30 Count) $9.99

Guaifenesin/Dextromethorphan (DM) 400/20mg caplets (Mucinex DM)
(30 Count) $4.99

Guaifenesin/Phenylephrine (PE) 400/10mg caplets (Mucinex PE)
(30 Count) $4.99

Ibuprofen 200mg tablets (Motrin / Advil)
(100 Count) $3.99

Loratadine 10mg tablets (Claritin)
(100 Count) $9.99

Meclizine 25mg Chewable tablets (Bonine)
(100 Count) $6.99

Vitamin C 500mg tablets (Vitamin C)
(100 Count) $3.99


B12 1,000 MCG “Quick Dissolve” Tablets
(100 Count) $5.85

D3 10 MCG (400 IU) Softgels
(100 Count) $2.85

Fish Oil, 1,000 MG Omega-3 300 MG Softgels
(120 Count) $7.95

D3 25 MCG (1,000 IU) Softgels
(60 Count) $3.75

Daily Multiple Vitamins Tablets
(100 Count) $2.95

E 180 MG (400 IU) Softgels
(100 Count) $6.25

Glucosamine Chondroitin 1500/1200 3 Per Day Capsules
(100 Count) $17.95

Melatonin 5 MG Tablets
(60 Count) $4.65

Daily Multiple Vitamins Tablets
(100 Count) $2.95

Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin Capsules
(100 Count) $4.60

Probiotic with Prebiotic Veggie Capsules
(40 Count) $11.25

Zinc 50 MG Tablets
(100 Count) $3.85


Our Medications Are Sourced In The U.S.A.

At America’s Pharmacy Source, we make sure our medications are produced under the highest quality standards and are sourced in the United States of America to ensure our members have genuine high-quality drugs. It is not uncommon to find companies getting their drugs from overseas where there are no set standards and no way to know if the medications are even produced to specifications. We make sure our domestic products are tested and approved by the FDA.

  • "America's Pharmacy Source has been a lifesaver, my husband was only testing his blood sugar once a day because his diabetes test strips were so expensive, now we can afford to test the three times a day he is supposed to. Thank You!"

    Angie Terek Stay At Home Mom
  • "Being self-employed gives me a lot of freedom and nice pay, but I don't have a lot of health benefits or any real insurance. APS has given me the ability to get all of my medications at a fraction of the cost, and they deliver them right to my house. It has been the perfect choice for me."

    Mike Anderson Rideshare Driver

We have compiled a list of the most used Over-The-Counter medications in America, and are selling them to you at some of the lowest prices around. Below is our OTC Fromulary that you can buy at any time without a prescription. Each time you place an order for a prescription drug, we can add these to your order, its easy and more cost effective than even buying at your big box stores. Try our OTC products today!

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